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Threat Operation Center (TOC)

Today's cyber crimes are getting trickier to detect & defend against, although companies keep investing in their network security with sophisticated security control tools - Cybercrime is on growing.

One of the main problems in companies cybersecurity is the lack of visibility and control to emerging threats to your organization.

We help your security team monitor what is happening on the network & respond to incidents in real time.

Organizations are getting breached, and threat actors are publishing sensitive information from within the company network

Threat Operation Center to get full visibility utilizing advanced technologies

We help you strengthen your organization's cybersecurity with the help of an innovative TOC (Threat Operation Center) which provides a full visibility to potential attacks on your company.

The solution utilizes next generation proactive defense technologies to create a multi sensor active defence outside the organization network perimeter. Our Platform combines intelligence about APTs,botnet & crimeware such as ransomware into a single simple to use service that provides your team real time alerts with a cost effective benefits for the costumer.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Research - Alerts on relevant existing and emerging cyber threats by monitoring the global network

Malware analysis reports and Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) -  Analysis and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)  reports about malware behavior that our clients can use in order to detect or respond to emerging threats within their infrastructure.

Breach Intelligence -  Actionable critical alerts that help pinpoint potential infections which affects your organization directly

Malicious tools and services - Alerts and analysis to identify, with high confidence, malicious assets and critical vulnerabilities.

Device vulnerabilities - Vulnerability detection on any connected devices with recommendations on mitigation

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