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Third Party Risk Management - TPRM

The quick migration to the cloud is breaking perimeter defenses, making companies lose track of their internet footprint & attack surface and exposing them to partner risks. Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) is fueled by the growing risk of breaches posed by the company third party partners and suppliers. A company can have the best security policy in place but if a partner faces a breach, the company can be subject to breach data compromise.

44% of organizations have experienced a breach within the last 12 months, with 74% saying it was the result of giving too much privileged access to third-parties. (securelink)

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Expose future weak points in your network due to connections with third-party partners

We provide the most in depth TPRM and attack surface services based on OSINT (open source intelligence)  to our customers and partners around the world, our scale out massive data collection platform constantly monitors the web and deep web, and then correlates and enriches with Cyber Risk Data.

Cyndú helps you get preliminary information about third party partners & suppliers to your business so that your business will not be harmed due to a mistake by a third-party supplier. Another important contribution of TPRS is the compliance with the rapidly evolving regulatory pressure.

Automatic and Comprehnsive cyber intelligence assesment

Easy integrate with existing SOC, SIEM, SOAR solutions in your system

 Identify third-party exposures in your network

Communicate the vulnerabilities to your vendors with ease, re-certify them quickly with pre filled forms

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