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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

Barcode is the old and expensive way to try keeping track of the iteams in your inventory.

The inventory management process is a seemingly simple process - you need to document all the items that are added to the inventory when they are added and subtract them from the inventory when they are found out of it. 

We help you simplify it, shorten it, speed it up and secure it with our RFID system.

Many challenges are faced by warehouse and inventory managers, the difficulty stems from the large quantity of the various products in the various categories and the need to keep track of the types and quantities of products that leave the warehouse to your customers and partners.

Using RFID technology we help you automatically keep track of the goods coming out of your warehouses to customers & upload the information to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or financial management system.

With the help of small stickers that store data and can be read wirelessly using radio waves, you can know which products are near / in front of you / in a designated area, what quantity there is of the product and where it should be sent. This becomes very useful for security, when working with large pallets whose contents or the amount of crates can not be seen, with the help of RFID reader it is possible to make sure that everything is going as planned and nothing is missing before the shipment leaves.

An RFID system can also help ensure that the items leaving the warehouse to customers have passed all the desired tests and processes.

Saving time & money by automation of process

Better accuracy on tracking goods

 Quality and traceability improvement

Improved regulatory compliance

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