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Cyndú specializes in providing unique and disruptive cybersecurity solutions to our clients, we partner with the most innovative products and services on the market and create a solid shield of protection, security and decoys for your organization, our clients, from telecommunications companies, financial institutions, public service organizations, government, business, etc., enjoy not only cutting-edge technologies, but also step-by-step implementation and support throughout the cycle. We do not sell products, we provide solutions to our partners.

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So, what is so special about our solutions?

First, we implement protection that starts from outside your network, we will provide you with a DDOS protection solution to ensure that your organization will continue to provide services even under major DDOS attacks,

We will provide you with CTI (Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence) without a single false positive,

providing actionable and reliable information on impending attacks.

If you have a SIEM or SOAR, we will provide you with actionable intelligence that will take your security to a different level, saving a lot of time and resources by feeding our feeds into your system.

We will continuously monitor your external attack surface and notify you of any suspicious open ports, in addition we will increase your attack surface with decoy sensors, deceiving and diverting any attack.

If you don't have a SOC, we can provide you with an accurate and meaningful picture of your cyber posture on a centralized platform, with a great team of experts in case of an incident , Strategic Monitoring, Forensic Management and Threat Hunting with our own operational SOC. from Israel.


We will support you in implementing an innovative approach to identity management with our multi-factor system that will save you money and simplify management in large organizations.


So we protect your network from the outside in, DDOS and CTI to ensure it always stays up and running and we provide you with a robust identity management system, plus we will monitor your network with our SOC. But what about your end points? we have a unique deception system that will identify even unknown malware and viruses and "convince" them that you are not a target for them, with our deception system we will create a hostile and deceptive environment that in most cases will cause the attack to fail or that the attacker thinks that he achieved his objective and will leave us without causing any damage.

And finally, if you are a utility and need to protect your most valuable assets, we will show you a new approach that will baffle even the most advanced hacker.

Glass Buildings
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Israel​, Gedera                                                    Argentina, Buenos Aires

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 +54 911 6521-8202

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