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Cyber & Electronic Security Solutions

Specializing in protecting your business, assets and employees over the increasing cyber and electronic landscape.

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Our Solutions/Products

Join our innovative

 intelligent sharing platform protecting and mitigating all types of attacks

All your cyber security vendors in one easy to manage platform, to help you maintain an accurate picture of your entire security network

We provide innovative solutions to protect your business Endpoints with our deception-based environment which make your network much less attractive for the attacker.

The new way to login without usarnames and passwords!

With our simlpe to use Multi-Factor authentication your employees get fast secure access to all business services.

Unique trusted tools to handle cyber incidents and future threats. 

Our cyber threat intelligance includes the capacity to deploy deception and decoysensors that are part of your attack surface.

Get preliminary information about third party partners & suppliers to your business so that your business will not be harmed due to a mistake by a third-party supplier.

Easy to manage usernames, passwords, notes, and files,

Make the files sharing process with your teams and co-workers much safer and easier to perform.

Innovative TOC which provides a full visibility to potential attacks on your company.

All in one single simple to use service that provides your team real time alerts with a cost effective benefits for the costumer.

The inventory management process is a seemingly simple process - you need to document all the items that are added to the inventory when they are added and subtract them from the inventory when they are found out of it. 

We help you simplify it, shorten it, speed it up and secure it with our RFID system.

Leading the smart revolution of energy efficiency by supporting customers in optimization, analysis and monitoring of their assets, and providing tools and data to meet their carbon footprint reduction targets and migration to renewable energy sources.  

Simplify and improve the access of the workforce to the network, cloud and applications.

With our partners technologies ,you can transform traditional network security technology with one unified Zero Trust Network as a Service.

Professional products suitable for military and civilian needs , with more than three decades of knowledge and experience in the field of security solutions

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Cyndú Cybersecurity operates in different industries, each facing unique challenges and threats that characterize it.

We provide comprehensive security for different segments, including telecommunication companies / ISPs, utilities (electricity, water and energy companies), governments, health industry, and of course small and medium businesses that are easy targets for cyber hacking.

We also protect the financial sector, which today is the sector that suffers the most from cybercrime.

Cyndú will take the cybersecurity of your organization to another level and allow you to dedicate yourself to your business, we will take care of your network cyber security.


Who we are ?
Cyndú is the cyber security division of SingularSight Technologies Ltd. A company specialized in innovative projects in Security, IoS and different technological areas.

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