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Dark Web Monitoring 

The darknet, also referred to as the dark web, is a segment of the Internet, hidden by the novice user, that is only accessible by using specialized software or network proxies. Due to the inherently anonymous and privacy-centric nature of the darknet, it facilitates a complex ecosystem of cybercrime and illicit goods and services trade. Among the illegal data can be found leaked personal or business credentials, like email addresses, bank account details, credit card numbers, etc.

Around 26,000,000 plaintext passwords of employees are found in the dark web (spycloud)

Be Aware of The Threats Emerging from the Dark Net

Monitoring and mitigating risks from the darknet is now becoming an essential tool in every soc or IT team toolpak. With millions of passwords open for sale at very low prices, allowing anyone to get their hands on your sensitive data. Cyndú provides an innovative monitor tool that is specifically designed to find, monitor, and mitigate risks emerging from the darknet. The solution is intelligence derived from pure darknet, deep web, and associated near underground cyber information sources. After the collection of the data, dataset is cleaned and stored in a secure environment. The solution enables enterprises to integrate collected data into their native environment. 

 Automated AI & Manual collections to maximize data volume and quality, sourced from darknet and deep web networks

Easily integrate collected data from DARKNET into existing SOC, SIEM, SOAR solutions in your system

 Largest commercially available darknet data set in the world

Identification and quantification of specific risks and leaks of your information in the darknet

 227,500 pages of darknet content mapped and indexed every hour

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