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Operation Continuity for OT/ICS

One of the biggest problems in the world of OT (Operational Technology) & ICS (Industrial Control System) is downtime. Downtime can paralyze the network or the production line for weeks if there is no efficient recovery system installed, leading to severe economic damage to the business. 

The average cost of downtime is 260,000$ per hour (By Gartner)

Recovery Time is Critical, Every Second Matters !

Cyndú is here to provide you the full & fastest recovery capabilities from cyber-attacks and computer systems failures. The solution is always connected to the computer and with sophisticated algorithm allows limited access to perform the backup only. In case of a computer systems failure or cyber-attack one click of a button will restore the system from the most updated time point, all the files, all the configurations and the operating system.

We offer you the capability to archive full system recovery in just 30 seconds! System that can bring your critical workstations and servers up and running again after a cyber-attack.

Full system recovery in just 30 Seconds!

One click and you are back to business

Sophisticated algorithm allows limited access to perform backup only

3 Layers of defense - air-gapped protected storage,

innovative software and continuous backups monitoring

Backup files are up to date

2 Minutes installation

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